What are your products made from?

All our products are made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and
compostable polymers, mainly PBAT+PLA+Cornstarch.

What happens to your products in the landfill?

They will become organic fertilizers, without toxins or heavy metal residues.

What is your products shelf life and how to storage

All our products will have an 8-12 month shelf life but it all depends on the temperature and
the humidity of the storage place.

We advise storing them in a cool and dry warehouse, sealing them well, and avoiding direct sunshine.

Are your products GMO free?

Yes, all our products are GMO-free.

Do your products contain traditional plastics like polythene?

No, they do not. all our products do not contain traditional plastics.

Traditional plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or polystyrene do not pass compostability standards.

How quickly will your products start degrading in a commercial/industrial facility?

Industrial/commercial compost facilities should see complete assimilation of the bags in 90
days. It could go faster/slower depending on the temperature of the pile, frequency of turning, etc.

What is the purpose of the Composting logo?

The composting logo is designed to address the confusion that has existed between truly
compostable materials and oxo-degradable plastics by building credibility and recognition for
products that meet the ASTM D6400 /En13432/AS 4736 Standard.

What does degradable,biodegradable, and compostable mean? What's the difference?

Degradable bags are commonly mistaken for biodegradable bags. But unlike biodegradable bags,
they do not break down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.
A degradable bag is still a petroleum-based plastic bag that breaks down into smaller pieces. It
must be exposed to sunlight or heat for extended periods of time to decompose. If these bags are
buried in a landfill, they do not disintegrate.

What's your products MOQ and price?

Usually, product MOQ is based on color, size, thickness, and printing.

Just send an inquiry to us and we will serve you as soon as possible.

Do you provide product customization services?

Yes, we can custom the products as per your requirements,

Just let us know your requirements by email, and we will respond to you as soon ss possible.